Jackson Will Be Buried On Birthday

19 Aug 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Ceremony limited to family and close friends

MICHAEL JACKSON's family has confirmed the King of Pop will be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday, August 29.
After weeks of speculation, the pop superstar - who died on 25 June - will be buried in a mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.

A spokesman for the family tells WENN, "Michael Jackson will be laid to rest at Holly Terrace in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale on Saturday, August 29, 2009, at 10am, on what would have been his 51st birthday.

"The private ceremony will be limited to family and close friends.

"The Jackson family once again wishes to express its gratitude to Michael's fans around the world for their support during these difficult times."

Jackson's body has reportedly spent the past six weeks at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills, where the family staged a private memorial on the morning of a much more public service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last month.

Meanwhile, reports have suggested, Jackson "self-harmed" before his tragic death in a bid to obtain powerful prescription drugs, according to reports.

The King of Pop was said to have been so desperate to fuel his drug addiction, he banged his head and hurt himself in a bid to convince doctors to give him medication, including strong pain killer Demerol, an anaesthetic at the centre of his death investigation.

A source tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) detectives have interviewed some 30-35 witnesses so far, and it has come to light that Michael was prone to self-harming. He'd bang his head against the wall, hit his fists and arms against furniture, anything to cause a cut or a bruise.

"He wanted to convince his doctors that he'd had an accident and was in a lot of pain - a legitimate reason to ask for painkillers. This came up as part of the investigation into Michael's drug-taking. So far there's no evidence to prove or disprove the claims."

A family source allegedly tells the publication, "Michael self-harmed as an attention-seeking mechanism or to gain sympathy. He enjoyed being cared for. It was a huge cry for help."