Jackson doctor returns to work

23 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Conrad Murray goes back to practice medicine despite ‘wrongful death’ claims

MICHAEL JACKSON's personal physician DR. CONRAD MURRAY asked his church congregation to pray for him on Sunday as he prepared to return to his medical practice.

Investigators looking into Jackson's death have focused their case on the cardiologist, who stands accused of administering the powerful prescription drug Propofol to the superstar prior to his death on 25 June.

The late singer's sister Janet has called for U.S. authorities to strip Murray of his right to practice medicine, as she holds him responsible for the King of Pop's passing. Jackson's beloved mother Katherine has also announced she is "seriously considering" launching a wrongful death lawsuit against him.

But despite the Jackson family's public objections, Murray has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing - and he's set to resume work at his Houston, Texas clinic on Monday after leaving his medical practice earlier this year to work as Jackson's personal medic.

He called on fellow worshippers at the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Houston this weekend  to help him make the transition back to work.

He told his fellow churchgoers, "I am taking my life back step by step and I wanted to come home. All of the members of Galilee, all of my friends, I know what trouble is...

"I, with my compassion, was only trying to help my fellow man, but it appears I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I am back to serve. It isn't easy for me. Mentally, it's tough."

A Los Angeles police spokesperson confirmed on Saturday it will be months before authorities decide whether Murray is culpable for Jackson's death, telling People.com, "A decision (on whether to prosecute) will be made in 2010. It is not going to be made this year."