Lisa Stelly and Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne is Excited About Marriage

15 Oct 2012

Jack Osbourne believes being married to Lisa Stelly will only make their relationship stronger, and the couple can't wait to give their baby daughter Pearl another sibling

Jack Osbourne thinks being married will make his relationship with his partner even stronger.

The reality TV star wed his fiance Lisa Stelly in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii last weekend and he is confident the decision to become husband and wife will only increase their love for one another and will consolidate their status as a family for their five-month-old daughter Pearl.

Jack, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) this year - said: ''Calling Lisa my wife will be so much easier. We've had such a crazy year with the pregnancy, baby, my MS, wedding - next year we just want to travel and relax. I'm also just looking forward to things settling down."

''I knew that it was important to Lisa to get married, I just felt that, if marriage was going to do anything for this relationship, it would only make it better. I thought, 'We're having a kid together, Lisa's going to be in my life forever, so why not try to make this work? Let's make it legitimate.' ''

Jack and Lisa tied the knot in a romantic sunset ceremony held in a tropical garden in front of their close friends and family, including Jack's parents Sharon and Ozzy and his sister Kelly.

The couple are keen to increase their family and say they won't let Jack's diagnosis with MS stop them from having two more children.

Jack explained to the UK edition of Hello!: ''We're going to wait until the end of next year and then start trying. I like the idea of having two kids quite close together, then waiting a few years to have a third.''

Sharon added: ''He is the happiest he has ever been. In less than a year and a half, the things that Jack has been through - it's unbelievable. He has found his partner in life and he is so happy. That makes us happy.''

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