Izaak Azanei Comes to the Middle East

I can't get enough of the new hot label
ByTala SammanSunday , 21 February 2016
Izaak Azanei Comes to the Middle East
Izaak Azanei is coming to the city!
I discovered Izaak Azanei just over a year ago and it’s one of my favourite up-and-coming brands. Its pieces come in handy, especially during the chillier weather! The brainchild of three sisters – Roshni, Karishma and Deeya Khemlani – the London-based brand has just opened an office in Dubai, thanks to one of the sisters moving to the city, making this one of the brands to watch in the Middle East for 2016.
For such a young brand, it’s already garnered a huge celebrity following with the likes of Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni among its client list. The designs were also recently featured in Vogue Italia. The collections include a curated selection of gorgeous cashmere cardigans, scarves and sweaters using contemporary fur (real and faux). Inspired by their hometown of London, the girls wanted to create a label that was luxurious, affordable and on-trend at the same time. 
My personal favourites are the fur-trim cardigans (I love them both short and long) as well as the fur-cuff sweaters. I recently wore my teal fur-trim cardigan underneath my coat during a trip to Japan, and the longer version with thigh-high boots during a cold morning in the city.
INFO: Available at The Luxury Arcade, Abu Dhabi and izaakazanei.com 

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