Ivanka Trump on Weddings and Gems

Ivanka Trump on Weddings and Gems

26 Jul 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

In a Middle East exclusive, Ivanka Trump talks about her wedding and honeymoon with a man who was once classed among Manhattan's most eligible bachelors

Honeymoon on safari, custom Vera Wang and a husband who was one of Manhattan’s most eligible bachelors, Ivanka Trump married publisher and real estate magnet Jared Kushner at a private ceremony at Trump National Golf Club on October 25, 2009 in Bedminster, New Jersey. A tour de force on the world’s fashion stage ever since she was 14, Ivanka soon ruled the business roost some years later. Now, very much come into her own as a jewellery designer extraordinaire, Ivanka gives all the brides in the world private bits and bobs on her big day and how to plan the jewellery on their big day!

On Her Wedding...

Did you pick your own engagement ring or did Jared pick it?
Jared designed the ring for me, of course, with the help of the diamond experts at my jewellery store.

Who do you think makes the most gorgeous wedding gowns?
Obviously, I love Vera Wang (she says with a smile).

Tell us a little about your bridal look?
Well, my dress was custom Vera Wang – it was a gorgeous lace and tulle gown. My shoes were Stuart Weitzman, they were 100m satin stilettos, and they were dyed a custom pale ecru colour to match my gown.

Did your jewellery come first or did it all begin with your dress?
Oh, the Vera Wang dress came first and then I chose the jewellery from my bridal and couture collections of the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery line. Basically I wore a custom designed platinum mixed-cut diamond hair piece – 6.38tw (Dhs165,294) which accented my veil; then in my ears I wore a platinum mixed-cut cluster of earrings – 9.67tw (Dhs477,516) and a platinum art deco fancy link diamond estate bracelet – 26.00tw (Dhs477,516).

How did you feel just 10 minutes before walking down the aisle?
I felt total conviction that I had found the perfect partner. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

What’s your advice to brides a few months before their big day?
Stay calm and relaxed, remember that only you will notice all the small things that went wrong, make sure your shoes are comfortable for lots of dancing (I had a spare pair of flats) and make sure to eat a big slice of your wedding cake!

Were there any glitches on the big day?
I am sure that there were but these minor hiccups are just not relevant in retrospect. It was a perfect day, really.

Did you have a wedding planner or did friends and family do it all for you?
Preston Bailey was my wedding planner – he was very organised and focused.

Did your wedding have a theme?
Well, I wanted the theme to be very classic but modern at the same time. Preston understood my vision completely and played it out beautifully!

Where did you honeymoon?
I went to Africa for my honeymoon and we stayed at La Residence in South Africa, where we toured the Franschloek Valley Vineyards. We also went on safari and stayed at the Ivory Sands Safari Lodge near Kruger National Park. Mozambique was our last stop where we hired a private villa and snorkelled the famous Two Mile Reef!

Where will you be going for your next ‘honeymoon’ so-to-speak?
Ha ha – I will let you know when it’s planned!

On Her Jewellery...

How did you get into jewellery designing and when did it all begin for you?
I have always been inspired by jewellery, it has always been more than just an accessory for me – it’s more like a lifetime investment. I grew up with my mother’s legacy jewellery, which inspired me constantly.My mother also gave me my first important piece: a diamond necklace that my father gave her as an anniversary gift. I officially launched the jewellery line in 2007 with a jewel-box boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City. We are now going global, to the rest of the US, the Middle East and Asia.

What’s your favourite-ever piece of jewellery?
My favourite pieces are the signature ovals and the tassels from my line.

When girls are buying wedding jewellery – how do you suggest they go about it?
Buy something you will always love wearing. I think big hints and explicit ‘I want that’ always helps if you want someone else to buy you something! And for your wedding ring, you have to wear it forever, so it should be something that speaks to you and represents you as a woman.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My jewellery is inspired from anywhere between the 20s to the 60’s – fashion’s mostcelebrated eras! My travel destinations and interactions with the world’s different languages and cultures also heavily inspires my collections. And then, back home in New York City, the buildings and the architecture inspire me as well. My design philosophy is simple: jewellery should pay homage to the past while embracing the future.

Who would you like to see wearing your jewellery and why?
I want my jewellery to reflect the spirit of the sophisticated modern woman who has a strong sense of herself, knows what she likes and values exquisite craftsmanship. My female customer has a strong sense of tradition that she wants to make her own. My jewellery is designed for women of all ages and all backgrounds.

What’s the hot trend, stone, colour and style for 2010?
My vision for jewellery has always been ‘heir-loom chic’ – putting a modern twist on classic jewellery. I think each piece of jewellery should stand the testof time, it should be an investment, not a trend. In my collection, we have expanded our rose gold collection for 2010. We have also expanded our signature oval and octagonal yellow gold collections that were very well received. They are all classic and that’s the philosophy I follow.

What are the few key pieces of jewellery that every bride should wear?
For the wedding day, a perfect pair of earrings and a stunning diamond bracelet along with your engagement ring and wedding band should be ample.

Are there certain shapes to keep in mind while buying jewels?
The beauty of jewellery is that it can fit all shapes and sizes. All my pieces are available for custom ordering so the customer can be in charge of how they want each piece to look, feel and fit. Some body traits to focus on when buying jewellery are broad shoulders, long necks, short necks, a big frame, a petite frame, dark skin, tanned skin, light skin and height. A good jeweller will be able to give you advice.