Ivanka Trump pregnant

Business mogul announces exciting news
Saturday , 22 January 2011
Ivanka Trump pregnant
Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are expecting their first baby

Ivanka the daughter of real estate tycoon Donald Trump, has announced the exciting news that she is pregnant with her first child. The business mogul announced on Twitter: “I have been wanting to share some amazing news with you all for some time... I'm pregnant!”

“Jared and I couldn't be more excited.”

Ivanka who is better known in the GCC for her jewellery collections recently launched her line in Dubai late last year. “After great success in New York I am excited to launch my collection globally,” Ivanka told Ahlan! Live. “I am confident in my design of heirloom chic jewelry and believe the GCC markets will be welcoming to my vision of fresher, modern interpretations of the best classics of the past century.”

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