Ivanka Trump dazzles into Bahrain

14 Mar 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

And charms her way into the F1 with the Bahrani Royal Family

Hot off the heels of her 2010 launch of the Ivanka TrumpFine Jewelry Collection at the Doha International Jewellery and Watch Exhibition in February, Ivanka has jetted into Bahrain. As the guest of the Royal Bahrani Family she is here to talk collections, charms and cars.

As the Executive VP of Real Estate Development and Acquisitions, Ivanka has added a touch of her own heir to the family business. You see Ivanka is here to promote her line of bespoke heirloom jewellery which is set to launch regionally in the GCC later this year.

“After great success in New York I am excited to launch my collection globally. I am confident in my design of heirloom chic jewelry and believe the GCC markets will be welcoming to my vision of fresher, modern interpretations of the best classics of the past century,” said Ivanka.

And where is she planning to spread the word about her latest endeavor? At the Bahrain Grand Prix, that’s where. Well it does make sense, with celebrities left, right and centre making a pit stop into the city to watch the big race.

And when you’ve been personally invited by the Bahrani Royal Family to attend the F1 Grand Prix with them it’s obvious she means business. So how does this “This region’s focus and appreciation of history, and the ‘consumers’ demand for top quality materials reinforces my beliefs in our potential here.”

After Bahrain she jets off to Abu Dhabi, Doha and Jordan to spread the dazzling news.

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