It's going to be REALLY hot today

It's going to be REALLY hot today

15 Aug 2017

Most parts of the UAE are looking at soaring temperatures

Sunblock and water bottles at the ready!

The UAE's infamous summer heat will be unforgiving over the next two days.

The national weather bureau has said that Tuesday and Wednesday will be hot to very hot in general, with temperatures ranging between 34 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius in Dubai, 33 to 46 in Abu Dhabi and 32 to 45 in Sharjah. It will be much hotter in interior parts with 35 to 49 in Qasyoura down south, reports Gulf News.

Cloudy weather may bless those living in the south and east, and they might even be lucky enough to experience rain. Al Ain and Al Dhaid are expected to have heavy showers on Tuesday and light rain on Wednesday. Other parts in the south near the border such as Qasyoura and Al Quaa may also receive some light showers.

Humidity isn't looking so bad, and is predicted to rise up to a maximum of 65 percent. We can live with that.