It's All About the Fringe

24 Apr 2012

Considering a snip? Before your stylist grabs those scissors, take some advice from Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba and Kate Moss

Fringes are huge right now and, done right, can knock years off your age and save you a fortune in Botox. Done wrong... well, just take a look at the evidence. Check out these fringe triumphs and disasters and compare your face shape with these celebs to find out if a fringe would suit you.

Feathered Fringe
Perfect for: Round faces
Nicole Richie wasn’t blessed with the most slender of faces but by adding a fringe her ’do has a slimming effect. Also, cutting up the fringe draws attention from her face to her eyes.

Fringed bob
Perfect for: Looking younger
By cutting her hair into this Cleopatra-style bob and full fringe, Jessica Alba has also cut an instant five years off her age! We love the youthful hairstyle on her.

Peek-a-boo Fringe
Perfect for: The red carpet

This fringe works great with an up-do. By parting her fringe and giving just a glimpse of her forehead, Penelope Cruz looks effortlessly elegant!

Messy Fringe
Perfect for: Easy care

In true rock chick fashion Kate Moss refuses to stick to any conventional rules, even with her hair. Here, she messes up her fringe to create a fab alternative look.

Sweeping Fringe
Perfect for: Blondes
This hair style is perfect for blonde hair and makes bombshell Cameron Diaz look more fresh and youthful. Jealous!

Full Fringe
Perfect for: A statement
Liv Tyler looks mesmerising with this full fringe that really draws attention to her eyes. Perfect with blue eyes and long brown hair, this look can work with other styles, but platinum blondes should steer clear to avoid Lady Gaga lookalike references.

Fringe Flops
Celebs show us what not to do

Courtney Love
Courtney clearly ignored the number one cardinal rule of fringes – don’t ever cut them yourself!

Renée Zellweger
We don’t even know what Renée was thinking with this hair do. The Nineties are over and only Peter Andre can pull off a floppy, boyish fringe.

No, no, no, Fergie. Not even those disastrous highlights will take the attention away from your badly cut fringe.