Is It OK To...

Only do one type of regular exercise?
Monday , 25 April 2011
Is It OK To...
Regular Exercise

A reader asks: I consider myself quite a fit person as I jog on a regular basis (four kilometres, twice a week). However, friends have suggested that my body will just get used to this exercise and then become immune to it. I hate going to the gym and I don’t enjoy team sports, but is it unhealthy to do just one type of exercise? What would you recommend? Marina, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

An expert answers: NO, says Derryn Brown, personal trainer at The Hundred Club in Dubai ( “It’s certainly not unhealthy to do only one type of exercise, because any type of physical activity is good for you. Running is an efficient way to lose weight, build lower body strength and increase cardiovascular fitness. However, if all you do is running, then you’re only challenging certain parts of your body, in this case the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and buttocks.

Ideally, you want to challenge your entire body. If you don’t like the gym or team sports, then there are lots of fun exercises you can do either at home or outside. For example, using resistance bands and skipping ropes are all fantastic ways to tone up and strengthen your bones. You could also try the new TRX Suspension Training pack, which you can buy online from fit and it’s fantastic for toning up. It’s also really simple to use. You just suspend it from a secure area and then, with the use of the elastic suspensions, perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. Exercise classes, such as spinning, pilates and body combat are also great ways to work out and more sociable than going to the gym on your own. You’ll have Madge’s arms, Jess’s pins and Jen’s abs before you know it.”

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