Jennifer Aniston

Is it all over for Jen?

26 Jan 2011

Her shock publicity stunt and rumours of rehab

Amid new rumours that Jennifer Aniston’s alcohol dependency has hit an all time high, forcing her to consider rehab, sources claim the star is relying on her looks more than ever, striping for magazines and continuing her attempts to look younger as she loses her grip on reality.

Sources say Jen’s latest shoot in Allure magazine, where she dresses in a revealing pyjama top while sporting a much lighter hairdo with a blunt fringe, was an attempt to appear youthful. “She looked heavily airbrushed,” spilled an insider. Though Jen is over 40 she looked like a woman half her age leaving many to wonder whether it's all a midlife crisis. 

Jen’s raunchy photoshoot followed her recent flop, The Switch. “Everyone thought it’d be a hit, but it received low ratings,” added a source. Critics, and most of Hollywood, were quick to slate the star, already predicting her next movie Just Go With It to also be a failure. Actor Rupert Everett went as far as blasting Jen’s roles in “tasteless rom-coms”.

'One Trick Pony'
Since her Friends hey-day, in which she received an Emmy and a Golden Globe, Jen’s career has nosedived so much so that she shunned this year’s Golden Globes. While some say it was to avoid host Ricky Gervais and his acid tongue, others believe she couldn’t bear facing Brad and Angelina following rumours of their imminent nuptials.

Starring in one rom-com after the next, and taking on similar roles, the actress has dangerously typecast herself a as a one trick pony. And when the roles dry up the actress seemingly turns to best friend Courteney Cox who has previously written Jen into two of her successful TV series – Dirt and Cougar Town.

With the actress at an all time low, sources say she’s hoping for a Friends reunion, “Jen was fantastic as Rachel,” revealed a source. “It's the character she's most loved for. It would be great for her to return to the glory years.” However, a reunion seems unlikely after the star recently mocked the character that made her famous. When stating in an interview last week that the “Rachel do was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen” she not only upset her best pal, hairstylist Chris McMillan who created the look, but annoyed producers.

Clinging To Her Youth
So desperate to remain in the public eye it looks like Jen has resorted to posing in raunchy fashion shoots.

Despite insisting she stopped having botox, recent images of the actress promoting latest rom-com Just Go With It, seems to prove otherwise with the fresh faced star looking younger by the day. 

The actress admits she’s irrational with fear when thinking about getting old, “I found a grey hair and flipped out. How many others are there? What does it mean?”

No Longer The All American Girl
Jen's unfortunate habit of dating babd boys such as John Mayer could ruin her wholesome image. The actress hasn’t found real love since Brad Pitt, while it seemed she was close to settling with Vince Vaughn, the pair split with him citing dating Jen was “too much drama.”

Now, with time ticking, sources believe the star is desperate to start her own family, even turning to long-term pal Adrien Brody for help.