It’s Never Too Late To... Lose Love and Find it Again

How Carrie Tindell found love after being widowed
Tuesday , 12 July 2011
Carrie Tindell
Carrie Tindell
Carrie horse-riding with her daughter Summer
Carrie horse-riding with her daughter Summer

Think you’re too stuck in your ways to change direction? As this Dubai women proves, you can enter a whole new world whenever you want.

Carrie Tindell was widowed at 30 and now, at 34, she’s not only found love again but has opened up her own horse stables called Desert Ranch in Dubai.

“When Jarrod was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, I thought it was the end of everything. We met and fell in love in 2000 and were married in 2003. But just as our new life together was starting, Jarrod received his terminal sentence. For a professional rugby player, the diagnosis was crushing, but being a sportsman he was determined to beat it.

Although the doctors gave Jarrod only 18 months to live, he fought for almost four more years. In 2007 he died aged 38.

I’d been a commercial model since I was 18 so I asked my agent to send me abroad, which is how I ended up in Dubai. A week-long shoot made me fall in love with the place so I joined a modelling agency here, Bareface, and tried to start a new chapter. Moving to the Middle East was just what I needed and it was here that I rediscovered my childhood passion for horses. I went out for a ride one day and it was the first time I’d ever ridden an Arabian horse. It was amazing, and it showed me that I had to research more about these incredible animals. Thinking about Jarrod encouraged me to pursue my passion and I started to put a lot of time and money into re-educating myself about horses, while also holding down a job. I did a course in Parelli Natural Horsemanship, which sounds unusual, but uses a unique approach to communicate with horses based on natural equine behaviours. My training took me all over the world from the UK to the States and even to where Parelli first started at a Parelli Horse Ranch in Colorado, US.

When I returned to Dubai, I had every intention of moving to a ranch in the US, but I knew I had to get my fitness levels up first so I joined a local boot camp and it was here that I met my now husband, Cliff. He was one of the instructors and we hit it off straightaway. It was a whirlwind romance and he proposed just six months after we started dating while on a surfing trip in Sri Lanka. We married in July 2008 as we both just knew it was the right thing to do. Cliff knew everything about me, including what I’d been through with Jarrod, and he said that it was my experiences of this that attracted him to me in the first place.

Throughout all of this, I continued with my horse training and looked at the possibility of opening up my own ranch in Dubai. In tandem with this, Cliff was training performers of the Jumana Secret of the Desert show that ran at Al Sahra Desert Resort and when this closed I had the idea of assigning part of that land to a horse ranch. The owners of Al Sahra Desert Resort welcomed my plans and, after a year of hard graft, Desert Ranch opened in October last year – the exact same time my daughter, Summer, was born.

When I look back now, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve ended up where I am. You’re never in the same place twice in life and, because of my experiences with Jarrod, I’m a very different person now to who I was then. Jarrod showed me what I was capable of, while Cliff was the one that showed me love can happen at any time and who made it all possible.” Visit for more information on the courses they run.