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U Energy – the health club with an upmarket difference...
Tuesday , 25 October 2011
Ahlan! Editor Nathan Kay
Ahlan! Editor Nathan Kay
Shaveer Haripershad
Shaveer Haripershad
U Energy Gym, DIFC. Dubai
U Energy Gym, DIFC. Dubai
U Energy Gym, DIFC. Dubai
U Energy Gym, DIFC. Dubai

I’ve been in Dubai for nearly ten months now and have unfortunately succumbed to the Dubai stone. So, when I heard u energy was launching a new funky gym space, with personal trainers and a special diet plan I literally jumped at the opportunity.

I was impressed by the ‘wow’ factor from the moment I walked into the DIFC home of u energy.

Until then, I thought all gyms looked the same - a few machines, a few blokes straining under some free weights and a lot of people looking like they would rather be anywhere else in the world.

U energy has tried to change the attitude of that last group of people by creating a space people genuinely want to be in as part of a complete personalised health and fitness experience.

It’s achieved this with functional equipment that is unique to the UAE, a running track, a MMA Cage for boxing and mixed martial arts, and, unbelievable, a DJ booth!

In the same building is ‘u fuel’, a nutrition oriented restaurant that delivers a healthy and quick service with in-house nutritionists helping customers develop a dietary plan.

Over the next month I’ll be updating you on my progress of three weekly sessions with personal trainer Shaveer Haripershad, who has agreed to coax and push me into losing the weight and eating more healthily.

My first workout involved a lot of jumping and rowing, and after working up a healthy sweat and eating super-healthy food, Shav didn’t mind me staying and having a drink at u energy’s trendy bar.

Personal Trainer

U energy’s Fitness trainer Shaveer Haripershad talks through how he keeps in shape...

Raised in South Africa, Shav started his quest to stay healthy at an incredibly young age. At just three years old he began training in martial arts, and it wasn’t long before he started competing professionally in Karate.

Shav completed his degree in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa in 2004, and started working as a personal trainer. He will have been in Dubai for four years in January, and speaking about the Emirate, he said, “It grows on you, and I love it”.

He’s also a certified TRX suspension trainer, and describing the training he teaches to his clients, he said, “At any point in time, any part of your body can be suspended, from your hands to your feet. You can do press-ups, pull-ups, squats. This way you can work your entire body at the same time.”

As you can imagine Shav has an enviable body, and admits to working out a great deal himself to maintain it. To do this he follows a 300 training scheme, which he also teaches his clients, based on the film starring Gerard Butler where an army of 300 men with the bodies of Greek gods fight to save Sparta from invasion.

Speaking about the training, Shav added, “I use it as it works the entire body, and you can work on your strength and your cardio at the same time. You feel every muscle being worked, and more fat burn.”

Speaking about the muscular Spartans that the training scheme tries to emulate, he said, “I can’t guarantee a body like that. It depends on your genetics and your diet. But it is possible.”

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