Is this Kim Kardashian's biggest maternity fashion fail yet?

We can't believe she wore this monstrosity!
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 17 September 2015
Is this Kim Kardashian's biggest maternity fashion fail yet?
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It’s as if no matter what combination of clothing she throws together, Kim Kardashian just can’t get her maternity wardrobe right. Surely the expectant mum would have learned from her first pregnancy how to style herself by now, but apparently that’s not the case, and her critics have got their claws out.

Fashion Week Flop
Kim, 34, has made sure to stay in the headlines by wearing some extremely questionable attire over the past few months, but her New York Fashion Week wardrobe has pretty much broken the internet. Late last week Kimmy rocked up to a show on the cold streets of the Big Apple wearing a tan low-cut ripped top with no bra, a suspiciously high-cut black wet-look mini-skirt, thigh-high boots and an oversized coat draped over her shoulders. Even by her standards, the outfit was dubious at best, but most people slammed the look, and her, unforgivingly.


Kim Gets Trashed
One fashion fanatic posted: “What is it about this woman that means when she gets pregnant she wears ridiculous things that she wouldn’t have worn before she got pregnant? [Kim], you look decent when you are not pregnant, just use the same general methodology and you will be fine!” Another blasted: “There’s no nice way to say this. What the f**k is she wearing? Looks like a garbage bag for a wrap skirt and a hobo’s used T-shirt. With all that money, she looks like trailer park trash. No disrespect to those good trailer park people.” The comments didn’t get any nicer with the vast majority of people reminding Kim of how bad she looked. “Honey, you need a new mirror and friends. Both of them are telling you that you look good and they are lying,” professed another.

Kim hasn’t reacted to the naysayers, but we expect her to fight back in the only way she knows how – by wearing another hideous outfit and ignoring what the fashion pack has to say about it.

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