Is This Kate Middleton's Real First Fashion Fail?

The Princess received a lot of negative comments about her most recent sartorial choice
ByNaomi ChaddertonMonday , 30 May 2016
Is This Kate Middleton's Real First Fashion Fail?
© James Whatling
Kate Middleton at the Queens 90th Birthday Celebration

Oh, Kate – what have you done? The Duchess of Cambridge baffled even the most loyal of her fashion followers when the outfit she chose for the Queen’s 90th birthday gala wasn’t exactly warmly received. The royal mum sported a Bohemian white lace Dolce & Gabbana dress – so far so good – teamed with a mis-matched boxy red cape from Zara. Huh? Don’t get us wrong – we love the princess’ ability to team high-street and high-fashion with panache – but even our own fashion desk can’t forgive her for denying us the right to swoon over her Dhs22,000 dress.

So what was going through her mind that day? Perhaps it was cold – she was seen clutching a pashmina– or maybe she was going matchy-matchy with Wills and his red collar and cuffs. Here’s Susan Kelley’s take on it: “Kate does the mixing of high/low labels so well that seeing her out of character pairing the swing jacket and lace dress was a surprise,” she told People magazine. “It had me wondering if there might have been a minor domestic disaster of the baby kind?” Maybe George did spill his porridge on mum’s Dolce and she had to quickly cover it? We’ll never know! 

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