Is Mahiki Dubai's Founder Bringing More A-list Haunts to the UAE?

Is Mahiki Dubai's Founder Bringing More A-list Haunts to the UAE?

22 Jan 2014

We chat with Nick House, the man behind Mahiki, Chakana and Steam & Rye to find out

Nick House - the man behind Mahiki, Whisky Mist, Chakana and Steam & Rye - knows how to get the celebs partying. From Prince Harry to Cheryl Cole and Paris Hilton to Wayne Rooney as well as the One Direction boys, they've all been there and done that at Nick's hot spots. Most recently, Kelly Brook stopped by the UAE to celebrate Mahiki Dubai's second birthday. Should we expect more A-list London haunts to get their Dubai branches soon? Over to Nick, who's headed to the UAE later this week ...

Who are your favorite celebrity clients?
You never have favourite celebrity clients. David Beckham and One Direction came to my London venue Chakana, so let’s say them as they don’t get much more famous than them at the moment.

What's been your favourite celebrity moment at Mahiki Dubai?
I am a fan of Liam Gallagher. He’s not really on brand but him rocking up was really cool. I’m a big Liam fan so that’s purely a personal thing.

You recently opened the Steam & Rye bar in London with Kelly Brook (who also came to the UAE to host Mahiki Dubai's second anniversary). How did you end up going into partnership with her?
That’s not a difficult question to answer really. She’s a great  and an amazing person to hang out with. Purely on those two qualities, it was good enough for me. Not only that, she is well connected and a bright girl.

Are you planning on  bringing any of your other nightlife brands like Whisky Mist, Chakana and Steam & Rye to Dubai?
We are loving Mahiki Dubai and our plan is to develop Mahiki around the world. I mean sure I am looking at Dubai for the development of my other brands because it is such an international focal point for food and beverage operations.

What can we expect to see from Mahiki Dubai in 2014?
I’d love to see it maintain its point of difference and not merge into one of the many clubs. I want it to be a club in its own category. Mahiki Dubai is going great guns. For me, Mahiki will always be about being different.