Lily Allen pictured leaving a house in East London after a long day at a photo shoot

Is Lily Allen in Denial?

08 Sep 2016

The singer plays down a wild party binge that left her passed out and vomiting in the street

Lily Allen has followed in the footsteps of fellow performer Justin Bieber and dramatically quit Twitter after facing backlash online in the wake of her wild antics at a UK street party last week. 
The Smile singer received heavy criticism from fans after appearing to be inebriated at London’s popular Notting Hill Carnival. She was pictured dancing and consuming a variety of drinks before being carried away by her boyfriend, MC Meridian Dan, after vomiting and passing out in the street. 
On the Defence 
Once the pictures of her day of debauchery began to circulate online, the 31-year-old attempted to defend herself against the public, who had plenty to say on the matter. Despite being photographed drinking directly from a bottle of alcohol, Lily claimed she only had two drinks and blamed her passing out on “an empty stomach”. 
She also lashed out at those who questioned her parenting skills to young daughters, Ethel, four, and Marnie, three, whom she shares with estranged husband, Sam Cooper. When asked why she’s rarely spotted out with her children, she retorted: “I will never tote my kids around like accessories, no matter how bad my press is.”
Twitter Detox 
Despite appearing to make light of her fall from grace at the festival by strategically changing her Twitter handle to ‘@DramaticCollapser’, it seems the haters got the better of the outspoken star, as she announced that she was taking a break from the social media site. “Anyway, I think I’ll steer clear of the internet for a bit. This just makes me more determined, to be honest.” She also stated that she would be letting her forthcoming fourth album “do the talking”.
Lily’s hard partying now is a far cry from her life only a few years ago, when she led a quiet existence in a country farmhouse with her husband Sam and two young daughters. She retired from the music business after claiming she’d grown tired of the glitzy celebrity circuit, but 2014 saw her bulldoze back onto the scene with her third album, Sheezus.