OMG: It looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott getting married!

Rumour has it!
ByJulianne TolentinoThursday , 08 August 2019
OMG: It looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott getting married!
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So, it's been a minute since Kylie Jenner received that insane rose surprise by her baby daddy, Travis Scott. 

On Tuesday, the beauty mogul's mansion was covered with a bed of red roses, as part of her boyfriend of two years' series of surprises leading up to her birthday. 

The big gesture left everyone with their mouths open, and fans are still waiting for THE last surprise Scott will gift her. So, it was a huge shock when the paparazzi caught the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan boarding her private jet with a very interesting piece of clothing. A lot of questions arised like, where is she going? Are they finally getting married? Is this a joke?

According to TMZ, Kylie boarded the plane with a white wedding gown. The flowing, feathery dress was spilling out of a garment bag, in the hands of an airport staff, as it was loaded into the plane. And not only that, on the other worker's hand was something that looks like a suit, possibly a tuxedo. 

But every one calm down, several sources told TMZ that the young billionaire is definitely NOT walking down the aisle any time soon. In fact, we actually think she might just be fooling people, and purposely wanted the wedding dress to be exposed to the paparazzi. Who knows, really. 

Also, Kylie didn't even board the plane with her whole family. Only baby Stormi, Travis, Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, Corey Gamble and Sofia Richie boarded the plane with her. That's an assurance that she won't get married because the rest of her sisters are still back home. 

For her 22nd birthday, Kylie will be flying to Italy with her friends and family, and the party will go down on her $250 million mega-yacht, "Tranquility."

We're still curious on what she'll be doing with that wedding dress, but guess we have to stay tuned for her Instagram posts. 

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