Is Katy Perry Taylor Swift’s Enemy?

Roar hitmaker posts cryptic message following Taylor Swift diss
ByJack Hardwick Wednesday , 10 September 2014
Is Katy Perry Taylor Swift’s Enemy?
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Katy Perry hits back at Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has made headlines this week, after revealing in an interview with Britain's Rolling Stone that she has written a tell all song about an unnamed female pop superstar, who is her "straight up enemy".

Speculation quickly grew on the internet that the track was about Katy Perry, following months of clashes between the artists, and it seems the rumors may be true, after Katy posted a cryptic message on Twitter last night.

Referring to Rachel McAdams' character Regina George in the 2004 hit Mean Girls Katy tweeted; 'Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..."

It looks like Taylor may have started a strong war of words within the industry, as dancer Lockhart Brownlie has waded into the argument, revealing she had to give up her place on Taylors Red, tour to work with Katy.

Talking to Examiner, the dancer said; "I was with Taylor for the first six months (of 2013). It was a great experience and she's a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us. We were with Katy for two-and-a-half (years), she's like family to us, so we were, like, 'Absolutely".

It seems it wasn't only Lockhart who left half way through Taylor's tour, as fellow dancer Dominic re-joined Team Katy mid 2013. Explaining his reason for the move Dominic said; ""We weren't really dancing in Taylor's tour anyway, so I had got a little bored and I really wanted to do a promo tour."

The dancer also revealed despite going on tour with Taylor, he hardly got to see the superstar saying;
"The experiences were completely different. Taylor is very untouchable. When we did see her, we had so much fun with her, but she's a lot more protected than Katy. Katy's 28 now and can do her own thing. Her team are so lovely, so we have such a good connection. And this time around she is a lot more in control."

Ouch!, Regardless of who is to blame it looks like this argument isn't going to disappear quietly!

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