Is Kate Middleton pregnant AGAIN?!

Royal insiders claim Kate's having baby number 3
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 10 September 2015
Is Kate Middleton pregnant AGAIN?!
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It’s barely been four months since she gave birth to her second child and yet rumours are abound that Kate Middleton is not only already carrying her third kid, but won’t stop making babies until she has at least four. The whispers about another heir to the throne come just as it revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are worth billions of pounds to Great Britain.

Three’s a Crowd
At the age of 33, K-Midd could be forgiven for taking some time off to enjoy being a mummy to her two kids, but apparently she’s wasted no time at all expanding the family. According to Star magazine: “She’s in the early stages of pregnancy with baby number three. She’s not taking any chances.” This possible pregnancy could be the reason Kate’s not been seen out and about of late and the Queen is being completely understanding about it all. The outlet claimed: “Kate has the Queen’s blessing to forgo royal duties for at least two months, until she overcomes the sickness.”

If these statements are true then that would explain why Prince William, 33, was accompanied to a wedding last week by Kate’s sister Pippa. “Wills put his foot down and decided her health must not be put at risk. So Kate rested at home and spent her day relaxing and playing with George and Charlotte,” the source added. “Kate knows she can always rely on her sister and doesn’t hesitate to call for her assistance.”

Baby Billionaires

The baby, which is said to be due in April 2016, will no doubt add even more value to British businesses. According to a report by London-based consultants Brand Finance, Charlotte is worth more than £3billion to the economy, and George is worth £2.3billion. Brand Finance’s chief executive David Haigh said: “The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George and their mother Kate in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually.” For example, the £65 lace shawl Charlotte wore when she was first introduced to the world in May has been selling more ever since, according to the people who made it. The same can be said of all the other items worn by the two siblings, so a third baby is good news for Kate and Wills and the British economy too.



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