Is DJ Khaled working with a radio presenter from the UAE?

Is DJ Khaled working with a radio presenter from the UAE?

25 Sep 2019

We found out what's really going on

A UAE radio presenter from the UAE has been caught up in a global music storm after an image of someone sitting alongside superstar producer DJ Khaled shared an uncanny resemblance with him.

DJ Khaled is a two-time Grammy nominated producer whose made it big alongside even bigger names such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Cardi B and much more.

But Big Hass was a presenter for the Yalla Home drive time show on Sharjah’s Pulse 95 Radio, has since confirmed that the picture was not actually him, and has forced into going public with the problem.

“I’ve had so many phone calls, emails and tweets over the past few days. I’ve even had international media outlets calling me and asking about the collaboration and to comment on working with DJ Khaled. I’m a big champion for Arabic hip-hop and rap so a collaboration between us would be crazy. I’d actually love to work with DJ Khaled and introduce him to some of the Arab rappers we have. I have a show on Pulse 95 Radio where I promote regional hip-hop and push hip-hop culture. Since the photo media storm, I’ve actually tweeted DJ Khaled to invite him on the show and let’s see if he would reply and make history.

DJ Khaled, if you’re reading this, we want you on the show! Yalla.”