Is Chris Martin's girlfriend pregnant?!

Jennifer Lawrence is NOT going to be happy about this
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 05 November 2015
Is Chris Martin's girlfriend pregnant?!
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According to the grapevine Jennifer Lawrence is super-angry with Chris Martin for flaunting his new girlfriend Annabelle Wallis in her face. Well JLaw will probably go cray-cray after she reads this article and finds out our suspicion that Chris’s latest groupie could already be carrying his child.

What’re They Hiding?
Annabelle, 31, was spotted out last week in Malibu, California, dressed questionably in a thick long coat and leggings while opting for some comfy footwear as opposed to high heels. The outfit has caused some onlookers to think she’s using her coat to hide something, while other circles have noted that Malibu, which was approximately 25C that day, was too warm to be wearing winter clothing.


JLaw Went Crazy
We’re certain JLaw is going to hit the roof if there’s any truth in these assumptions, since The Hunger Games star is reportedly already angry with her ex-boyfriend for flaunting his new relationship with the Peaky Blinders actress and feels like she was his “rebound girl” following his split from his wife of 12 years Gwyneth Paltrow. A source told <Heat> magazine: “She fired off an angry email to him when she saw the photos online. She still had some stuff at his place in LA and she was pretty p***ed about the whole thing.”


From Paris with Love
After seeing Chris and Annabelle together on a romantic break in Paris Jennifer was distraught. “Jen can’t believe she didn’t see it all along – it looks like Chris was using her to get over Gwyneth. Nobody wanted to think Jen was his rebound girl, but it definitely seems that way now.” According to the source: “Jen feels hurt. She kept breaking things off with him, but he’d always convince her to come back to him. It felt like he was stringing her along.” Meanwhile, the Coldplay frontman is said to be the happiest he’s been for a while with Annabelle. An insider shared: “She puts a huge smile on Chris’ face. He’s happier than he’s been in a long time. He just wants to settle down again.”



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