Is Chris Martin Using Jennifer Lawrence?

The Coldplay singer has been accused of needing publicity
ByJJ AnisiobiFriday , 17 October 2014
 Is Chris Martin Using Jennifer Lawrence?
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“It’s sad that Jennifer hasn’t realised that Chris is using her for her fame and her publicity”

After being married to one of the most self-righteous women in showbiz, Chris Martin reportedly hopes to take full advantage of dating Jennifer Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s best-loved women. Sources claim Chris’ camp is craftily leaking pictures and stories about the new couple in the hope it will restore his public image, post-Gwyneth – especially amid rumours he cheated on his wife with model Alexa Chung. 

Chris’ Devious Game Plan
The claims come as the usually private and media-shy singer appears to be flaunting his new relationship with JLaw, with the pair openly flirting backstage at a recent Kings of Leon gig. “They engaged playfully with each other, appearing like a couple in love. She kissed him on the lips several times,” said a source. Making sure all eyes were on the fledgling couple, the Ghost Stories singer even surprised the audience by getting up on stage to sing two songs. “Jen was taking photos and videos of Chris during rehearsals on her phone,” said a spy. But according to a showbiz insider at US site, the public flirting is all part of a PR stunt stage-managed by Chris to curry favour with fans. “Chris Martin wants everyone to know that he’s dating America’s sweetheart,” said a source at the site. “He just got out of dating one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood, and is now dating one of the most liked.” The insider added: “It’s a perfect opportunity for some rapid PR cleansing, especially after all the cheating rumours concerning the end of Chris’ marriage to Gwyneth.”

Jennifer’s Being Played
After their “conscious uncoupling” earlier this year, Chris was plagued with unflattering rumours, including speculation that an affair with Brit model and ‘it’ girl Alexa Chung ended his marriage, so he’s said to be hoping his relationship with the 24-year-old actress can turn his image around. “Whether or not the rumours are true, they would have affected his public image… but now, suddenly, he’s dating someone that the media love, so of course he’s going to take full advantage of it,” said the source, adding, “It’s sad that Jennifer hasn’t realised that Chris is using her for her fame, her PR and her publicity, even if he does feel some affection towards her.”

Gwyneth Wants a Piece
It seems even Gwyneth Paltrow is more than happy to be associated with the younger actress, perhaps hoping Jen’s Midas touch could help boost her own poor public image. According to reports, the 42-year-old is desperate to meet the Hunger Games star and get to know her better. “She’d like to spend a little time with her and thinks they’d probably get along,” said a source, adding that Gwyn approves of her estranged husband’s choice. “Her take is, ‘Hey, he could do worse’. She just wants him to be happy.” 

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