Is Britney Spears' father ruining her life?

A shock new incident has affected the singer's custody agreement
ByTeam Ahlan!Thursday , 12 September 2019
Is Britney Spears' father ruining her life?

One thing is for sure– 2019 has not been a good year for Britney Spears. As previously reported, Brit started off the year in a mental health facility – a move that was allegedly orchestrated against her will by her father, Jamie Spears. As result, the #FreeBritney movement kicked off, and her wellbeing has been questioned ever since. Just when we thought things had calmed down, it was revealed that police in California are investigating Britney’s father, following allegations he attacked one of his grandchildren. Police in Ventura County, California are investigating Britney’s father following claims he broke down a door in his condo and then violently shook one of Britney’s sons. Sources tell The Blast the boy’s father, Kevin Federline, filed a police report against Jamie Spears, alleging he battered his teenage son, Sean, on 25 Augustwhen his former wife had custody of their two boys. Per the ex-couple’s custody agreement, Jamie serves as a court-appointed monitor when the kids are in her care. Investigators have submitted the case to Ventura County District Attorney’s Office for consideration. There are no details about the incident as Sean is a minor. 

Shortly afterwards, Britney’s sons obtained a protective order against their grandfather. The singer’s father has been barred from having any contact with the boys, according to documents filed in Los Angeles County by their dad Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent-Kaplan, and obtained by The Blast. This incident has only worsened Britney’s custody agreement. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, ex-husband Kevin Federline will now care for 12-year-old Jayden and 13-yearold Sean, 70 percent of the time after the former couple agreed on an official new child custody arrangement, which has been in place for a year. Britney’s visitation time with her kids will continue to be monitored, but dad Jamie Spears can no longer be the monitor. She has also been stripped of overnight visits. Following the announcement, Brit’s father temporarily stepped down as the singer’s conservator to focus on his health. Jamie filed documents requesting a break from his responsibilities regarding his daughter’s welfare, and offering up his replacement, who will oversee Britney’s affairs between now and January, according to TMZ. He has cited “personal health reasons” as the reason behind his bid, and he wants his sidekick, Jodi Montgomery, to take the role of temporary conservator, giving her the power to “restrict or limit visitors by any means, the power to retain caretakers and security for Britney on a 24-hour basis, the power to prosecute civil harassment restraining orders, and the power to communicate with expert medical personnel regarding Britney and to have full access to her medical and psychiatric records. 

”In a shock turn of events, it was then revealed that Britney’s long-time psychiatrist had died, just weeks before courts in her conservatorship case were set to receive a review of his ongoing medical treatment. Dr Timothy Benson suffered what is thought to have been an aneurysm on August 24, in Santa Monica, according to TMZ. He was just 48. Fortunately, Britney can rely on mum Lynne, who has grown closer to her daughter this year and backed the #FreeBritney movement which saw fans claim she was being kept in a mental health facility against her will. Hang in there, Brit.

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