Iron Man 3 UAE Release Date Announced

Save the date, Tony Stark fans! The new movie hits theatres on 2 May 2013. Plus, check out the superhero flick's concept art poster right here
Tuesday , 10 July 2012
Iron Man 3 UAE Release Date Announced
Iron Man 3!

All you Iron Man fans out there, this one's for you! You'll know that the third installment of the movie is in production and now we know when we can check out the
flick too. It's just been announced that Iron Man 3 hits theatres on 2 May 2013! There's
a while to go before we can catch it but we're super-excited all the same!
Plus, Marvel Studios has revealed a cool bit of concept art for the flick that
you can see right here. The new film follows the Warren Ellis' Iron Man: Extremis
storyline in part where Tony had the suit bonded to him through the use of
nanotechnology. Do you think the armour's his friend or enemy in this still?
Watch this space for updates!

FYI, if you happen to be one of the lucky fans attending
this year's San Diego Comic Con, you'll get this art as a poster for free!

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