iPhone 8: Could this be it?

The design of Apple's flagship device may have been revealed
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 26 July 2017
iPhone 8: Could this be it?
© Nodus and Gordon Kelly
A render of the new iPhone 8

This is big! 

According to a report publshed by Forbes, the new iPhone, touted as the iPhone 8 (not iPhone X, as rumours previously stated) has been revealed.

The report was written by Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly, who worked with luxury case maker Nodus to uncover Apple's newest device.

According to his findings, the smartphone will consist of an all-glass, 5.8 inch-screen. The home button will be joining the audio jack, which Apple removed with the launch of the iPhone 7.

The power button will also be considerable larger in size, could this mean it will have more functions?

Gordon also confirms that the iPhone 8 has a dual rear camera with new vertical alignment, however the exact configuration and resolution of the lenses are unknown. 

This is what we know so far, we'll keep you updated as more information is revealed!

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