iPhone 5 Hits Dubai

Apple's latest gadget has hit town, but it costs double what it would in the UK!
Saturday , 22 September 2012
iPhone 5 Hits Dubai
The new iPhone 5

Are you desperate enough for an iPhone 5 that you’ll pay twice the price you would in the UK? It appears that some of you are. As the new phone hit shops this weekend customers dashed to grab the sought after gadget, with its slightly longer screen, faster processor and 4G network connection, despite the fact that short supplies have almost doubled the regular price. OMG!

Currently the 16GB version is about Dhs6,000, the 32GB is Dhs7,000 and the 64GB is Dhs8,000. According to The National, “This compares with Dhs3,155, Dhs3,572 and Dhs4,169 for the respective versions in the UK.” Luckily, once supply catches up with demand the prices will drop so step away from the new gadget girls and spend what you save on a fancy handbag. Every cloud and all, right?

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