Introducing the world's most expensive shoes!

Introducing the world's most expensive shoes!

25 Oct 2017

One for shoe lovers out there...

Raffles Dubai, a luxurious hotel with unique Egyptian interiors, is set to celebrate their 10th anniversary a little differently this November. Not just a lavish celebration, this anniversary will be marked with the unveiling of the ‘World’s Most Expensive Shoe’ on 1 November, created by Debbie Wingham, who also claims to be the world’s most expensive designer.

Introducing the world's most expensive shoes!

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We’re guessing we won’t be treating ourselves to a pair of these come payday..

With over 1,000 gorgeous diamonds set in platinum with 24-carat gold thread stitching, the stunning heels have been commissioned by a private client of the designer as a surprise 30th birthday gift. With two three-carat pink diamonds valued at $4.4million (Dhs16.2million) each, these diamonds are extremely rare due to their size, colour and flawless clarity. Along with the pink diamonds there will also be two one-carat blue diamonds worth US 1.9million (Dhs7 million) each and four flawless clarity three-carat white diamonds.

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Want to know how to be part of this event?

Raffles Dubai has it all planned and sorted for you. With delicious savouries, and sweet treats, book a reservation for Afternoon Tea on Thursday, 2 November or Friday, 3 November at the Collection.

When asked about the inspiration behind her pricey designs Debbie Wingham said, ‘’Diamonds are becoming the material of choice for my clients, only now we are looking at them in a more inventive way. Many of my clients have valuable pieces of jewellery that live in a safe and are only worn once or twice in a lifetime; by using their precious gems to design a bespoke piece of art, I can create something that can be admired on a daily basis.”

All that’s loitering in our minds is, where exactly can we sign up as the ‘Best friend of the world’s most expensive designer’?