Introducing Serious Eats to the UAE

The UAE's top chefs combine to create exclusive dining experiences
ByAl NeedhamThursday , 22 January 2015
Introducing Serious Eats to the UAE
The inaugural Serious Eats event at the Sheraton Dubai Creek, January 2015

If you’re a hardcore UAE foodie and feel that you’ve done everything, maybe you ought to mix some top-rank gastronomic surprise into your diet. Serious Eats is a new concept; a series of six unbelievably lavish dining events set in unique location, each curated by an up-and-coming local talent. Think of Serious Eats as a pop-up restaurant tour, with the mystique and luxury ramped up to the max, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

The concept is incredibly intriguing; you’ll be picked up in style and whisked off to that night’s destination. Who’s on your table? You won’t know until you get there. What’s on the menu? They’re not telling. Where are you going? Well, that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it? The only nailed-on certainty is that it’ll be a very special night indeed, and you'll have the same chauffeur on hand to take you home after.

The first of these events was held this week in the never-less-than-spectacular confines of the Sheraton Dubai Creek, where the in-house multi-Michelin starred chefs Alfredo Russo (of Vivaldi) and Vineet Bhatia (of Ashiana) teamed up with award-winning pâtissier Kapila Amaratunga to create an exclusive five-course menu. The event was hosted by Dubai-based photographer Katarina Premfors in collaboration with premier event organisers Lime & Tonic and exclusive chauffeur service Careem, and it was a complete sell-out.

More events are planned, but as you’ve probably worked out, we’re not in a position to tell you about them. For more information, point yourself (and your appetite) towards their website:

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