Wolfgang Puck in Dubai: "I Won't Be Catering Kim and Kanye's Wedding"

We caught up with the legendary celeb chef to talk about what Victoria Beckham really eats, not recognising JLaw and why he won't be head chef at the Kimye wedding!
ByJasmine BandaliThursday , 08 May 2014
Wolfgang Puck in Dubai: "I Won't Be Catering Kim and Kanye's Wedding"
Wolfgang Puck

American celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is a multi-faceted personality: Michelin star chef, entrepreneur and occasional TV and movie actor. He has appeared on several reality TV shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Celebrity Cooking Showdown, Iron Chef and The Next Food Network Star. We caught up with the foodie legend to talk celeb-fuelled tantrums, a frantic Oscars and why he won't be preparing the wedding feast for Kim and Kanye...

Who is your favourite celebrity guest?
I love hosting Charlize Theron, she is an absolute joy, and Sean Penn, who I admire greatly as an actor. Michael Douglas and I are also very close and we both have sons called Cameron! It's funny because I have a lot of the young Hollywood set coming to dine at my restaurant and although they look familiar, I don't really have time to watch movies. For instance, Jennifer Lawrence was eating at my restaurant, yet I didn't have a clue who she was!

We hear that Victoria Beckham eats at your restaurant. What does she order when she comes in?
She only orders vegetables. Plain vegetables. I think there are some people who don't enjoy the experience of eating. They simply eat to fuel their bodies with something.

You were responsible for the wedding feast when Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries. Will you be reprising your role again when she marries Kanye?
I think I should stay well away from that one. When I cater celebrity weddings, they never stay together. I did hers to Kris and Sean Penn's when he married Madonna and look how that turned out! I know the Kardashians very well though and have done for a long time. I remember when the girls were small, I would make them Mickey Mouse shaped pizzas.

Check out our full interview with Wolfgang Puck in Ahlan! out on May 14.

INFO: Wolfgang Puck's renowned steakhouse, Cut, opens its doors at The Address Downtown Dubai on Sunday, 11 May 2014, 04 888 3444.

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