Interview: Sade

14 Dec 2011

Ahead of her concert tonight on Yas Island, 80's icon Sade gives a rare interview

Sade, the British smooth jazz band from the 1980s, is named after Nigerian lead singer Sade Adu. The former model‘s whole persona screams elegance – with tightly tied back hair and classy style, her sonorous deep voice unifies the soft sounds of her band.

Her current tour marks her worldwide comeback, and Sade will perform hits such as Smooth Operator, Your Love Is King and No Ordinary Love.

Time hasn’t changed the impact of the band’s music, and the 52 year old singer proves that sensuality is definitely not a question of age. With her stylish light show and thrilling video effects she turns big concert halls into dingy jazz-clubs, to sunny meadows, and then into New York’s skyline. Her performances are a pleasure for the eyes and ears!

“It is a very powerful show, where people that aren’t fans can discover something,” Sade says, adding, “Our biggest compliment is still people who weren’t interested in us yet but buy all the Sade albums after they have been to one of our concerts.”

As much as she glows on stage, when the spotlight is gone Sade disappears again. For years she withdrew to Gloucestershire and spent a lot of time in her garden. The superstar lived there far away from the showbiz hustle and bustle with her now 15-year-old daughter and the love of her life, a former soldier.

Only after a 10 year break she released her successful song Soldier Of Love and went on the highly acclaimed tour.

“Making an album is difficult. I have to be 100% ready for it,“ she explains her long absence. “It’s not that I really make myself scarce. But there are people in my life who need me and when you go on tour you have to leave everything behind.

“You go into a world where everything is built only for you. I have always tried to combine the real world and this one. The real world always was number one though. I think this is what makes my music so good.”

In the meantime Sade is happy that her fans come to see her, “Thank you for keeping the flame burning.”

INFO: Tickets cost Dhs295, Dhs595 and Dhs750. Sade Live at Yas Island. 9pm onwards. 16 December 2011. Yas Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. For more information call 800 35274 or visit

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