Interview: Penelope Cruz - The Boundless Beauty

Interview: Penelope Cruz - The Boundless Beauty

06 Nov 2014

Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz reveals to VIVA the secrets behind her skin regime and why the eyes have it...

You are the face for Lancôme make-up. How does it feel embodying the glamour and ultra-femininity of make-up? 

It is such an honor to be working with this wonderful brand. Trésor was my first perfume ever and really has been part of me for so many years and I have always been a fan of so many of their wonderful products. I think that becoming the ambassadress for Lancôme’s make-up is a new step in our collaboration. I’ve always loved the message of the brand, this idea also that beauty should not be a constraint but something liberating and playful. 

Are you wearing make-up day and night or more for red carpet events?

On days that I’m not working, I just wear some blush, mascara and a light colour lipstick. I would wear stronger eyes or stronger lips if I’m going out or I have a premiere or some type of event. But I always try to take care of my skin with good hydration, day and night, using Hydra Zen, it’s the texture and fragrance that I really love the most.

Having met so many great makeup artists over the years, what have you learned from them? 

I finally learned from them how to do my own eyes. It is not easy, eyes are really what can seem at first the most complicated to achieve. 

What makes a woman beautiful and unique? 

It is about deciding to love and respect one self, to celebrate one self. To become your own best friend. 

You also are the face of the new Grandiôse, a revolutionary mascara. Did you know that mascara is the most universally used product and you are among the 70% women using it 5 times a week? 

That’s great news and in a way I’m not surprised because it really is an amazing product. I use it almost every day. 

How do you take care of your eyes? 

I just try to really never go to bed without removing the make-up. I always remove the make-up from my eyes and I always apply Absolue L’Extrait Yeux. 

You are obviously a great choice for endorsing eye makeup, being renowned as an actress for being able to express countless emotions with your eyes: is it something innate, have you always expressed yourself through your eyes? 

I think everyone does. Eyes will be able to express feelings that words will fail to express. 

Do you sometimes feel people can too easily read your mind because of that and do you wish you would be less expressive? 

Yes, it is not easy for me to hide my emotions, but I don’t try to fight that. The older I am the less interested I am to pretend to be something I’m not and more comfortable with showing exactly who I am. 

Do you watch your own movies? Do you have difficulties seeing yourself on screen? 

I watch them so that I can continue to grow and improve.  I like to see what I would have done differently or affirm what I was happy with. But I love acting and it is less and less about the result and more about the continuous research, the magic of the process and the lack of control that comes with it. You are always a student in this profession, and I love that. 

What kind of character do you like to play most? 

I have been lucky to have so many roles but I want to do more comedy and I would love to work more in French. 

Have you ever thought about working on the other side of the camera? 

Yes and I just directed my second short film for “L’agent”, the line I have with my sister, with the Agent Provocateur team. I plan to direct many more times. I will focus on publicity and video clips before graduating to a feature film.


What is your favorite book at the moment? 

Within, from Dr Habib Sadeghi. It is a masterpiece and can help a lot of people. Reading this book can be a life changing experience.

The last movie you loved? 

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Your favorite song at the moment? 

The one my brother Eduardo composed for the “L’Agent” short film. 

What did you want to become when you were a child? 

A dancer. 

What made you want to be an actress? 

The desire to work with film director Pedro Almodovar and Meryl Streep. 

What do you expect from the next five years? 

Health and happiness. 

What is your favorite place to think? 

I’m always thinking. I look for places where I can try to take a break from it. 

What motivates you? 

My family and my children. 

What captivates you? 

Children’s questions. 

Where would you like to travel to? 

French Polynesia, Galapagos and Kenya. 

What qualities do you find most attractive in a man? 

Humor and intelligence 

And in a woman? 

I like the same as the above.

Tell us your favorite hideaway? 


What could you never give up? 

A positive, optimistic way to look at life.

What do you do to relax? 

The best way for me to relax is to read a good book or to watch a movie. 

If beauty was a colour, what would it be?


If it was a music, what would it sound like?

Music IS the most powerful form of art for me.  Music is the embodiment of beauty. 

If it was a place where would it be? 

The Caribbean. 

If it was a material, what would it be?


If it was a fruit, what would it be?

Strawberries and cherries. 

If beauty was a feeling, what would it be?

Love and laughter.