Interview: Flo Rider in Dubai

Flo Rider chats about jumping out of a plane and wanting some Rihanna action
Tuesday , 13 March 2012
Interview: Flo Rider in Dubai
Flo Rida

Flo Rida, real name Tramar Dillard, is an American rapper famous for his number one hit single Low featuring T-Pain, and his rep as a ladies’ man. At the weekend we tracked him down at Cavalli Club in The Fairmont Dubai. Flo was surprisingly press-shy, but we managed to charm him into a chat at the door. The most amusing thing about meeting him was, like a real ‘G’ (that’s gangsta, mum), he wore his sunglasses the whole time – from walking the red carpet to performing!

Inside Cavalli Club, the rapper sat on a couch surrounded by a few male friends and plenty of women vying for his attention. He didn’t seem fazed when they started dancing enthusiastically on the sofa – it must take more than a short skirt to get this his attention! After a couple of glasses of bubbly he was feeling the music and started fist-pumping to a remix of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon! In the early hours he took to the stage to perform a couple of tracks from his upcoming album Only One Rida (Part 2) which is due for release later this year. Here’s what he had to say on the red carpet...

You’ve been to Dubai a few times, you must love it here!
Definitely. The weather’s always great when I come and I love shopping. I mean, there’s nice shops and a lot of clothing, and I bring a couple of friends so I enjoy it.

What’s your best memory from the UAE?
I shot the Wild Ones video in Dubai, I jumped out of a [plane] for the first time. It was amazing.

Wow that’s brave, did you freak out before?
Oh yes!

Who’s your favourite person you’ve worked with?
I work with a lot of celebrities from Lil Wayne to David Guetta to I work with a lot of people who are interested in the late great Etta James, it’s good for the record, it is number one!

Who are you working with on your new album?
I’m working with Lil Wayne, I’m working with LMFAO and I samples the late Etta James.

We’ve heard you’d like to work with Rihanna (we love her). Is this true?
I didn’t get a chance to work with her on my new album but I’m a big fan of her work and everything – I wouldn’t mind working with her.

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