Interview: Comedian Andrew Stanley Talks To Ahlan! Ahead of His Doha Show

Andrew Stanley, one of three Irish comedians performing at the Punchline Comedy Club on Tuesday 4 March, chats about Irish pubs abroad and wearing women’s clothes
ByDawn GibsonThursday , 27 February 2014
Interview: Comedian Andrew Stanley Talks To Ahlan! Ahead of His Doha Show
Andrew Stanley wants to tickle your funny bone

Andrew Stanley is often on the move as he performs at comedy festivals all over the world, including the most famous of them all, the annual Edinburgh festival. We caught up with him before he hopped on a plane to come to Qatar, where he’ll be on the bill with fellow Irish comedians Chris Kent and Colm McDonnell for the latest Punchline show at the Hilton Doha this March. A St Patrick’s Day warm up, if you like…
Welcome to Doha! Is this your first time performing in the Middle East?
Thanks very much! Nope, I have been two or three times before and this is my second time in Doha. We had a fantastic time last year when I was there, even if I did fall off a jetty when lowering myself into the ocean. It was worse than any shark attack you will ever see. First Degree Grazing!

Where in Ireland do you come from?
I’m from Dublin. Capital City and all that jazz. We are where the magic happens.

Is there an over-abundance of comedians in Ireland or is the Irish funny gene a myth?
Well, I would assume I would be expected to be funny as soon as I step on stage. There isn’t an over-abundance of comedians, but there is an over-abundance of audience members who think they are funnier than the comics on stage as a result of being Irish. And there is nothing Irish people like more sometimes than proving to the audience that they are funnier than the person on stage.

What’s your favourite source of material for your stand-up?
Everything around me. Currently there is a lot of relationship stuff and I always have lots of travel-based material but generally I use the audience quite a bit on the night.

There’s Irish pubs everywhere – we’ve got one in Doha. Are Irish pubs overseas anything like the real deal? 
They are exactly the same!!!! Just kidding. Irish pubs abroad are full of all this niche stuff like typewriters in cases and bikes on the walls and things like that. It makes me wonder if, in 50 years, will Irish bars have X-Boxes and iPhones and Kindles and things like that on the walls?

What’s the funniest heckle that you’ve had at a show? And how did you deal with it?
I had a lady throw her top up at me on stage once at a festival show. So I put it on and then pretended I was her for a bit. When I took it off, one guy shouted at me to strip. When I refused, the rest of the audience took up the chant and pretty soon they were all shouting for me to strip. There was only one thing I could do and, 20 minutes later, I was walking off stage picking up my discarded clothes as I did with hundreds of the crowd filming or taking photos.

Give us your best corny joke….
Did you hear about the magic tractor? It went down the road and turned into a field. BOOM!!!