Interview: Beyonce with a Finger on the Pulse

Inspired by all things blue, Beyonce chats with Ahlan! about her new fragrance Beyonce Pulse...
Interview: Beyonce with a Finger on the Pulse
Bey attends the Beyonce Pulse fragrance launch in New York

Ahlan! caught up with Bey to find out more about her fragrance – read on to hear straight from the lady herself...

What is the inspiration behind your new fragrance, Beyoncé Pulse?
When I started developing Pulse, I wanted to create a fragrance that would make women feel sexy, powerful and energised, ready to conquer anything. I like to believe that my music makes women feel strong and confident, and Pulse is all about finding that power inside.

You already have two existing fragrances – Heat and Heat Rush. Why did you decide to create this new scent, and how is it different from your previous fragrances?
I love Heat and Heat Rush for their fiery sensuality and sexiness. Pulse is a vibrant citrus fragrance that makes me feel sophisticated and confident. To me, fragrance is like putting on my stilettos – it’s an everyday essential and I’m excited to add a fresh, sensual, sparkling scent to my fragrance collection.

Tell us about the process of developing the fragrance. Did you test it out on your family and husband?
Absolutely! I spent a long time developing Pulse to make sure we found a scent that was not only sexy and addictive, but also original. It’s important that I love the scent of my fragrances, but it’s also very important to me that my fans and the people around me love it.

What are some of your other favourite ingredients in the scent?
My favourite ingredient is the Bluebird Orchid, because I wanted a feminine, floral scent. It’s originally from Asia and the deep blue-indigo is an extremely rare colour for an orchid. But what is most special about the Bluebird Orchid is that it has never been used before in fragrance! I also love the Blue Curacao accord for its clean freshness. The precious woods and touch of opulent Madagascar Vanilla add a warmth and sensuality that is irresistible and seductive.

Tell us about the packaging design for Pulse...
I’m very proud of the Pulse packaging. I wanted to do something completely out of the box and modern, so we created the upside down, faceted bottle, like a precious crystal, that highlights the blue juice inside. The chrome cap is inspired by my stage costumes, which I love because it incorporates fashion into the overall design...and I love fashion!

Where and when is the perfect occasion to wear Beyoncé Pulse?
Pulse is a fragrance you can wear all the time. I love the idea of a signature scent that lets a woman leave her mark wherever she goes, so I always try to make my scents appropriate for any occasion. But if you were the kind of woman who likes to wear different fragrances, I would definitely recommend Pulse for a night out.

Tell us what it was like shooting the Pulse ad campaign.
Shooting the Pulse ad campaign was an incredible experience and I really enjoyed working with Lionel Gasperini and Jake Nava. I’ve been working on Pulse for such a long time and it’s amazing for me to see it finally brought to life with all of the beautiful lighting, energy and design. The Pulse campaign is ultra sexy, powerful and totally unique and I can’t wait for my fans to see it!

What sends your pulse racing?
Great music, riding a roller coaster, jumping in the ocean. When I perform and especially right before I’m about to go onstage. That is when my pulse really starts racing.

Many of your songs, and fragrances, focus on the idea of female empowerment. What does it mean to you to be a strong, powerful woman?
That means that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. That you have the strength and fearlessness to take on challenges, and to set goals and work tirelessly to reach them.

You are such an inspiration to so many women, not only for your professional accomplishments, but also for your positive body image and confidence. Do you have any advice for women who are struggling with their body image?
Thank you. I would say to those women that they should define for themselves what beauty is and not get caught up in someone else’s definition of beauty. This may sound cliché, but everyone is beautiful. We are too obsessed with what a perfect nose is or perfect hair. There is nothing more beautiful than loving yourself and being confident.

How important is smell to you?
The sense of smell is very important to me. I love the smell of the streets in Italy. They all smell like gelato. I love the smell of the ocean. My favourite smell though is my mother’s cooking.

Do you have a personal routine for applying your fragrance? Any tips that you can share?
My personal routine would be to apply fragrance right after a long shower or bath.

If Pulse were a song what would it be?
My song, Run The World (Girls) for its beat and the message to women everywhere.

If Pulse were a place what would it be?
It would be New York City. I love the energy and the pace. New York is a 24-hour city and something is always happening.

Who are your ultimate beauty icons, past and present?
That is always a difficult question for me because I am inspired by so many beautiful women. I would say my mother, Tina Knowles, Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand are always at the top of my list and I loved the late Lena Horne.

What is the best beauty advice you have ever heard?
It came from my mother. She said outer beauty fades and that inner beauty has a lasting effect. She also told me to wash my makeup off before going to bed. I don’t always do but I am trying.

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