Instagram Stories has had a Brand New Exciting Update!

You can now do so much more with Instagram stories
BySurena ChandeFriday , 11 November 2016
Instagram Stories has had a Brand New Exciting Update!
Stars like Taylor Swift will be able to link to new tracks in Instagram Stories now!

Instagram has just done the the biggest update to its Instagram Stories feature since its launch!

Clickable links can now be inserted into Instagram Stories, allowing people to delve deeper into content that they see in stories. For example, artists like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato can link to their new songs, or you'll find links to articles from youe fave magazine Ahlan!. Unfortunately, this feature will only be available for those with verified accounts currently, but we're sure it'll roll out soon for everyone! 

Secondly, the social media platform adding @mentions in stories, so you can share who you're with or who you're thinking of. Wow!  

And finally, you can now use Boomerang while taking an Instagram story (rather than taking one, saving it and uploading it). We have to admit this is one of the ones we'll be using the most!

Instagram Stories already has more than 100 million people using it every day, and the newly-launched features are set to only make it even more popular! .

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