Instagram launch face filters! And SO much more

Social media fans, get ready to go wild with excitement. Instagram has launched a whole new bunch of creative tools including eight beautifying filters. Say whaaaaat!
ByEllen KerryTuesday , 16 May 2017

If we were in Snapchat HQ right now, we'd probably be hiding in a cupboard somewhere because Instagram's latest launch is a good one.

Instagram now has face filters 

The social media platform has introduced face filters to its stories function meanign you can now selfie-film or snap with a cute koala filter all over your already cute face. There are eight filters in total, all with the ability to boost even the most tired faces. When using your chosen filter (we love the geek specs, BTW) you can choose to take a simple pic, video or even boomerang. The ice queen filter even turns your actual breath into a chilly mist.

As well as the filters Insta has also added a rewind function. Simply tap it and watch your normal video of you and your bestie dancing magically reverse into a backwards dream. 

Instagram has launched so many new tools

Previously adding a hashtag to your stories felt a bit pointless. Not anymore! If you add a # to a pic or video now, it's becomes clickable. 

Lastly, Instagram now has a sneak-peek-reveal tool. The eraser allows users to erase other things you've drawn and play around with removing color. So now you can look forward to cheeky mini reveals of upcoming Ahlan! issues on @ahlanmagazine! What a time to be alive.

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