Insta Crush: Meet social media's most handsome vet

Dr. Evan Antin has made Instagram a very attractive place
ByEllen KerryThursday , 27 July 2017
Insta Crush: Meet social media's most handsome vet
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Dr. Evan Antin

Handsome men with animals. It’s a forever winning formula. Which is why Californian-based vet Dr. Evan Antin is making waves on Instagram. Even if you’re not a pet lover, you’re bound to appreciate Evan’s, erm, talents.

The 32-year-old has become an Insta sensation thanks to his love of animals and his Hollywood good looks. We like to think of him as a dreamy Dr. Doolittle.

Evan works at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in LA but previously worked as a personal trainer and did some modelling on the side. Quelle surprise. Growing up in Kansas, Evan says he had a fascination with creatures from a young age. “I was always going to the creek in my backyard and looking for insects and turtles and reptiles,” he told People magazine. “I’d take home what I found – a box turtle or water snake – and keep it as a pet for a week or two.”

Dr. Evan’s skills have been quietly lauded for a while now. In 2015 he was named the Most Handsome Beast Charmer Alive by People. “I thought it was pretty funny,” Antin told WABC of the accolade. “I’ve always strived to be the most handsome something, so I’m glad it could be a vet.”

Evan’s own collection of beloved critters includes a monitor lizard called Matilda, Henry the dog, Willy the cat and a whole variety of tropical fish. But it’s not just the hairy and scaly residents of LA he treats – Evan likes to travel the world, taking time to heal animals in foreign countries. He has even done dental work on primates in Indonesia. Lucky monkeys.

Before you get too excited, Evan is happily ensconced in a long-term relationship with his very beautiful fiancée, Nathalie Barba. When asked whether he was single, Evan said: “[I’m] off the market, unfortunately, but she’s a special girl so I’m really happy.” Aww! Nathalie, a travel journalist, also acts as Evan’s photographer.

What’s Evan’s all-time fave animal to work on, we hear you cry? “Big reptiles. I’m always stoked if I have a big monitor lizard appointment. I love crocodiles, but we really don’t see them that often; you have to have special permits to have them as pets, but they’re fascinating.” Cool. Who’s off to adopt a lizard? 

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