Inside Suri's spoiled, sad world

01 Oct 2008

At two, Suri's got designer clothes and always gets her own way, but sources say she has no friends and doesn't know how to share...

She’s one of the world’s most famous celeb tots and to most onlookers, Suri Cruise has it all! From her jetsetting and designer frocks to her manicures, Suri is treated like a Hollywood princess. But all the spoiling has a flipside, and insiders say Suri has no friends her own age, no idea how to share and is left confused by Tom’s Scientology beliefs. Ahlan! reveals the shocking details about how Suri is growing up…


Designer wardrobe and pampering treats
Sources close to Katie have revealed that Suri’s wardrobe runs to millions of dirhams, including accessories and jewellery. And top designers have created mini outfits for the A-list tot, who even boasts her own Louboutins. “As far as Katie is concerned, Suri is her little princess and there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing,” a friend of Katie’s revealed. And Katie has requested bespoke outfits from Armani and Donatella Versace.

Posh dotes too!
With no longed-for daughter of her own to dote on and dress up, Victoria Beckham is said to lavish expensive gifts on Suri. Sources say the fashion icon has worked with Roberto Cavalli on sundresses for her. And has even begged Marc Jacobs to create a miniature pair of high heels for the tot!

‘Not a hair out of place’
Katie seems adamant that Suri be the most princess-like of all the celeb tots. “Katie has a top private beautician come to the house and she’s now giving Suri a mini-manicure and pedicure,” spilled an insider. “Suri never has a hair out of place, and that makes Katie very happy.” And another adds, “[Suri] has some platinum bracelets and a tiara with tiny diamonds in it.”


No friends to play with
While the likes of Kingston Stefani hooks up for playdates with the Jolie-Pitt clan, Suri has never been seen with kids her own age – and sources blame Tom’s personal distrust of other people for his daughter’s friend-free life.

“[Suri] only interacts with her parents,” a source told US magazine, Star. Adding that she “is rarely around children her own age” because “Tom’s very picky about other people’s kids. It’s really sad. You can see how much Suri longs for someone to play with. She does not interact well with [children her own age]. She doesn’t like to share because she doesn’t know how to – she never has anyone to share with!” Mum And Dolls For Company

Although Katie is a hands-on mum, taking Suri to the park on a regular basis, the actress is always careful to ensure that it is she Suri interacts with and never the other kids. And, according to Star, when Suri was recently taken to play at a New York kid’s gym, an employee spilled, “Suri takes a private class in a room in the back of the gym, I have never seen her play with any of the other kids.” Confused Child

Scientology dictates that children should develop as they wish, with minimal guidance. Which means Suri gets to stay up late with mum and dad, rarely going to bed before 11pm.

But despite being treated like a grown-up when it comes to bedtime, at two, Suri is still drinking from a baby bottle, which most doc’s recommend giving up when kids reach one.