The Inside Scoop on Madonna’s UAE Performance

Ahlan! reveals what you can expect from Her Madgesty's Abu Dhabi concert in June
Wednesday , 15 February 2012
Madonna hits Yas Island on 3 June
Madonna hits Yas Island on 3 June
Nicki Minaj, Madonna and MIA, who may be missing in action
Nicki Minaj, Madonna and MIA, who may be missing in action

Madonna is going on tour for the first time in three years and her second stop is Abu Dhabi! But what can we expect from ‘Her Madgesty’ on stage amid the current dramas she’s facing? While trying to plan and rehearse for her tour, scheduled to reach the UAE in June, Madonna found her life in grave danger. The man convicted of stalking her in the mid-Nineties escaped from a Southern California mental hospital and roamed free for a whole week before being arrested on 10 February. Robert Dewey Hoskins’ campaign of terror included threatening to cut the singer’s throat, and, when he was finally taken into custody the first time, he’d been swimming naked in Madonna’s private pool! He refused to leave her home, believing it was his own, and was shot twice by security guards when he became violent. Madonna testified to suffering nightmares about her stalker after he was first arrested and his escape can only have brought the nightmares back.

Madonna’s Middle East performance is also causing headlines on a global level. Her May concert date in Israel is apparently being used by fans to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hold off an attack on Iran until after Madonna lights up the stage in Tel Aviv, according to The Washington Post. A Facebook page has already been set up for the campaign.

Yet more drama surrounds Madge’s on-stage guest list. A particularly bad choice would be her Superbowl co-star M.I.A., who sings on Madge’s new track Give Me All Your Luvin’ along with Nicki Minaj. As the trio performed their song during halftime with over 100million viewers watching, M.I.A. flipped her middle finger to the camera – a crass act that would be unthinkable in this part of the world and Madonna is said to be furious with her.

Even though Madonna is no stranger to scandal – she memorably said f*** 13 times while a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman – she expressed her disappointment to Ryan Seacrest following the incident, “I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it. I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity, it seemed negative. It’s such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do.”

Also unlikely to share billing is ex-stage buddy Britney Spears who Madge allegedly described as a ‘brick sh** house’ in a recent interview. The same goes for Lady Gaga who Madge says “references” her a lot – we’re guessing “references” is Madonna’s kind way of saying “copies”.

In fact, according to UK newspaper The Sun, Madge has her eye on up-and-coming Canadian electronic pop band Azari & III to set the stage. They’re not a household name yet, but Johnny Depp and David Guetta are already fans. We hope she’ll pick Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj who behaved herself at the Superbowl, and her other halftime guests LMFAO and Cee Lo Green.

Though Madge has pledged there will be no wardrobe malfunctions in her shows, there will be plenty of drama in her stage attire, thanks to A-list designers like Riccardo Tisci. Madonna has been a fan of the Givenchy designer for years. He designed her tour costumes three years ago and created all her Cleopatra-inspired costumes for the recent Super Bowl, including a hand-embroidered gold cape and a black mini dress with hand-studded belt. Her to-die-for boots were by Miu Miu and milliner Philip Treacy pieced together her gold and diamond horned crown.

Sources suggest that her set list at Yas Arena will include a mix of classics like Vogue and Material Girl with the majority of tracks coming from her new album MDNA (the title is a play on the name Madonna and the acronym DNA). And proceeds from the tour are expected to beat the staggering Dhs1.5billion made during her last one, proving – for this 53-year-old at least – age is “nothing but a number”. We’ll certainly be buying a ticket!

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