Inside Jessica Simpson's Smoothie Diet

Singer-and-actress Jessica Simpson went on a 15-day smoothie diet, before introducing snacks and meals slowly when she began her post-pregnancy diet
Monday , 26 November 2012
Inside Jessica Simpson's Smoothie Diet
Jessica Simpson lost weight on a tough 15-day smoothie diet!

Jessica Simpson kicked off her post-pregnancy weight-loss campaign with a 15-day smoothie diet. The singer-and-actress - who welcomed daughter Maxwell Drew into the world in May - had 60lbs to lose so to give her body the boost it needed, she followed a strict plan of consuming just healthy and nutritious smoothies for 15 days before slowly introducing snacks and meals.

She then spent five days having three smoothies a day with two healthy snacks, five days of two smoothies a day plus two healthy snacks and one meal and then five days of one smoothie a day with 2 snacks and 2 meals.

The plan - which was crafted by Jessica's former private chef and started in July - was part of the diet company Weight Watchers, of which Jessica is the new spokesperson for, and followed their its famed point system.

According to website TMZ, items on the menu included foods like egg white omelettes, chicken satay, whipped chick peas, soba noodles and shrimp skewers.

Jessica - who is now back to her pre-pregnancy weight - signed a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers to become their spokesperson and follow their weight loss plan religiously.

Their plan involves giving each item of food, snacks and meals points and the dieter is not allowed to go over their daily allowance of points.

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