Inside Guide to Stopping Cramps on a Run

11 Oct 2012

We know just what you need to beat it

Q I always seem to get cramps in my lower leg when I run regularly. How can I avoid this? Laura, 21
Make sure you are well hydrated with water and depending on the length of your runs, you may need to consider an electrolyte drink. Ensure you stretch both the gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus (they are the two main calf muscles) after your workout. If the pain continues or keeps bothering you, have it checked by a sports therapist. If this is only happening on the one side, there may be an imbalance coming from somewhere else which a therapist should be able to pick up on and fix the issue from the root. - VICTORIA

Victoria Roper BSc Sports Therapy. She can help you work your way back to fitness.

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