Inside Aquaventure's Record-breaking New Rides

Inside Aquaventure's Record-breaking New Rides

18 Sep 2013

We've got the scoop on Aquaventure's latest thrillers including Aquaconda, Slitherines and Zoomerango!

Celebrating its fifth birthday this year, Aquaventure is all set to launch a bunch of exhilarating new rides including two six-person rafting adventures and two duel racing slides enabling friends to compete for thrills! We've got more on the exciting newbies...

*World’s largest waterslide tube!
*Six person group ride
*Speeds up to 35 kph!
*Features twists and turns with intense banking to 4.6 meters!
*25 meters tall and 210 meters long!
Our Verdict: The Aquaconda lives up to its name, mercilessly sending riders through a dark serpentine tunnel with unexpected twists and turns

*World’s first dual suspended body slides within a slide!
*23 meters high and 182 meters long
*Made out of fiber glass these tubes are partially transparent!
Our Verdict: Not for the faint hearted, riders brave twists, turns and darkness whilst being suspended above the riders of the Aquaconda far below.

Poseidon’s Revenge
*Two capsules featuring frightening trapdoors
*Riders accelerate through the loop at nearly 60kph!
*116 meters long
Our Verdict: If you’re longing for an adrenaline-pumping, scream0inducing ride then Poseidon’s Revenge is a must visit. The trapdoors situated under the capsules are released when least expected sending the rider plummeting away at 60kph before being propelled upside down in an impressive double loop!

Atlantean Flyers
World’s first zip line integrated into a waterslide tower
*Longest zip line circuit in the Middle East
*500 meter circuit
*Up to 20 meters high
*10-15 kph, ride lasts 1 minute
Our Verdict: Another daredevil ride,  riders are suspended 20 meters above Aquaventure enjoying the views of The Palm, water park and beach at an extreme speeds !

Six person ride
*20.5 meters high
*14 meter high vertical wall
Our Verdict: This gravity-defying ride is a winner! The ride carries you back and forth with intense banking preparing for near vertical propulsion of the raft tube! Zoomerango defies gravity as it soars up a vertical wall followed by a descent leading to an amazing splashdown!


INFO: Dhs250 full day visit (adult), Dhs205 full day visit (guests under 1.2 m), Dhs150 and Dhs120, 04 426 0000,