Indulge in guilt-free junk food at The Daily

Indulge in guilt-free junk food at The Daily

19 Aug 2019

It's one heck of a deal

Living the healthy, vegan lifestyle is cool and all, especially with all the health benefits it brings. But surely, we can all agree that the healthier we eat, the more we spend. Vegan food ain't cheap!

Thankfully, at The Daily, you get your daily intake of veggies while still managing to stay away from the 'broke' life. 

And the biggest bonus of them all, they're disguised as junk food! So expect some healthy burgers, tacos, pizza, etc. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The restaurant offers vegan-friendly versions of your favourite junk food items at their Vrunch Vegan brunch series, and you will be served a variety of different dishes for just Dhs99!

It's also a good way to trick your kids into eating healthy. They will be convinced it's the real deal for sure. All children will be charged Dhs49. 

The offer will start on Saturday, September 7th at Rove where plant-based chef Zendy Marsham will serve you some mouthwatering fresh dishes that you don't need to burn off at the gym.

Indulge in guilt-free junk food at The Daily

Zendy will do what she does best, and will tuck you into a 3-course feast of outrageously tasty, meat-free, vegan dishes. 

Kick start your brunch with an unlimited starter salad buffet, but be sure not to fill up your belly too much, as the main course is what you really need to look out for. 

The main course platter will include Rainbow Beet Burgers, Jackfruit Tacos, Potato Wedges and many more. Dessert will also follow through with their Mango and Passionfruit cheesecake for a quick sweet tooth fix.

And the best part? Every food item on their menu contains no preservatives or nasty additives, perfect for you health conscious peeps out there.

Pre-table booking is encouraged as they expect a lot of customers to show up.

INFO: Dhs99 (adults), Dhs49 (kids). Open from 11:30am-3:30pm on September 7th. For bookings, call +97145619200.