The Indian Pink Panther?

A new Hindi movie includes Inspector Clouseau-inspired character
Thursday , 18 August 2011
The Indian Pink Panther?
Sanjay Dutt (left) who plays Chatur Singh with Anupam Khe

Actor Sanjay Dutt stars in a new movie that just might be the Bollywood version of the Pink Panther series. Chatur Singh Two Star, follows detective Chatur Singh (Sanjay Dutt) who thinks he’s super smart even though whatever he does leads to disaster. He’s got a loyal sidekick and a damsel in distress who’s depending on him to save her. Sound familiar? It does to a lot of people. But the director insists that the film has been adapted from an Indian novel called Chalak Jasoos.

We’ll just have to watch it to see how inspired or otherwise the movie is. Chatur Singh Two Star is now playing in theatres across the UAE.