Inder Bhagnani

The Indian real estate mogul giving working men a helping hand
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Inder Bhagnani
Inder Bhagnani
  • Last year was very eventful and one of my biggest achievements was completing 100 weeks of the ‘Feed a Labour’ campaign, which we celebrated by distributing 13 different food items to 3,000 labourers at Al Khail labour camp. The whole process from booking a hall and packing to distribution took three days and six hours – doing this gave me a sense of accomplishment and inner happiness.

  • ‘Feed a Labour’ is a campaign that provides labourers with food, clothing and other necessities for their everyday lives. These hard-working people deserve a better life and this initiative brings together people of all classes to help those in dire need, to instil hope and happiness into their lives. 

  • I had just turned 25 when I opened by first company, and everyone thought I was too young to take this pressure and run my business. Today, I’ve turnover sales of in excess of Dhs75 million. It makes me proud to help people find a place they can call home, and make the right investment choice.

  • I’ve yet to see a man as hard-working as my father, who’s taught me to be humble during successful times and to get up and face the world when I’ve been down. 

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