In Da Club: Mahiki Feeds the Party

Polynesian-Themed Eats and Comforting Dishes on the New Menu
ByJasmine BandaliSunday , 07 September 2014
In Da Club: Mahiki Feeds the Party

With the season changing and everyone releasing a new menu to stay on top of current and seasonal eating trends, the award-winning party destination is not about to be behind the times and boy, is their new menu a cracker!

Given that the focus here is very much on getting your groove on, there are several small plates on offer to ensure a delicious bite without being weighed down. Whether you want to channel your virtuous side with healthy eats of grilled Wagyu flank salad or edamame or just get downright naughty with fish finger sandwiches, buttermilk popcorn chicken or mac n cheese bites, it's all pretty delish!

All that posh party food is sure to bring forth a sugar craving, all of which are very grown up affair; from the Churros with a warm chocolate sauce laced with an orange tipple to the signature Mahiki coconut, a sharing dish of exotic lusciousness featuring coconut ice cream, pineapple curd, fresh fruit and chocolate, with a generous dose of the haunt's 'Malibu'-esque drink to finish it off! Okay, we know you don't go there for the food, but seriously, when it's this good, you can say goodbye to that late-night doner or shawarma on the way home for a while!

INFO: 7pm-3am Mon-Fri, 10pm-3am Sat, 04 380 7731,

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