Illiteracy in the music industry

The music industry has made a mockery of the English language
BySarah Hedley HymersSunday , 13 September 2015
Illiteracy in the music industry

One Direction’s Harry correcting a fan’s grammar is the exception to the rule in ‘showbiz’; more often, chart-toppers corrupt vocabulary. The music industry has made a mockery of the English language for years, sometimes as cacography (deliberate comic misspelling), but mostly due to laziness, lack of education or a misguided attempt to sound edgy (put your Bangerz away, Miley!). Fergie was so convinced her fans wouldn’t even be able to pronounce the word ‘duchess’ that she launched her solo career as ‘The Dutchess’. Dolly Parton couldn’t spell ‘limousine’, so her album White Limozeen was released. Ghostface Killah wasn’t a hit at his local spelling bee, either (the clue’s in the name), and his The Big Doe Rehab wasn’t about female deer – he was referring to money, also known by the slang term ‘dough’. Doh! Hasn’t he seen The Sound of Music? Possibly not… 

Famous role models may be too busy rolling around in money to be bothered to acquire some language skills, but few of their followers will have such lucrative careers. If stars really love their fans as much as they say they do, I think they should try to further their education, rather than hinder it. 

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