IKEA will soon offer online shopping on our phones

28 May 2019

Welcome to 2019, IKEA

Let's be real, a trip to IKEA is only enjoyable if you leave in the early hours of the morning to avoid traffic, are well fed, watered and had at least eight hours sleep. Scratch that, even if all the above are ticked off, it's still a super overwhelming and tiring day out.

Well soon we may never have to bash trollys with other humans again, as IKEA is said to (finally) offer online shopping through its mobile app. Hooray.

Previously, the app would let us visualise what our house would look with various furniture in it, but we'd have to either visit the web or travel to the store to make a purchase.

Now, one of our fave furniture stores is prepping an app that would let us shop remotely - while still visualising how it appeared in our home.

This cannot come soon enough.