Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea Takes a Not-So-Fancy Plunge

24 Aug 2014

Rapper falls offstage at MTV VMA’s Benefit

Giving it all on stage is one thing, but to risk it all at a warm-up show is maybe not the best idea. Iggy Azalea has put her planned VMA performance in jeopardy after falling from the stage at a warm-up
Benefit show on Los Angeles on Friday night.

The popular Australian rapper was in full swing performing her superhit Fancy, when she took a tumble and dropped offstage.
Security guards at the venue helped her back on stage and Azalea completed her set like a pro.

No official statement has been made about the seriousness of her injuries, but Azalea confirmed on social media that she felt "blessed" her legs were not broken.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Azalea's performance on Sunday (24 August) at the VMA's, where the rapper is also nominated for seven awards. Let's just hope no major injuries will keep her from taking the stage.